Printing from copy command


I have an old computer with a very old version of PDF Creator. i believe it is 0.9.9.

We setup the PDFCreator as a local share on the computer and are able to use the old command line command COPY to create PDF files. copy filename.txt \computer\pdfcreator

we have a program that runs on the command line that we can use to inpute file names (mostly text files) and then use COPY commands to send the txt file to pdfcreator and it would open a dialog box and would create the pdf file.

I've tested in on my local desktop with the free version but I can't get the latest free download to work with this setup. I'm interested in getting the terminal services license so I can give this functionality to users on a server but I don't want to shell out the $300+ bucks and it not work.

It is possible to use the old DOS Copy command to write text files to the current version of PDFCreator?



I am not aware of how exactly PDFCreator 0.9.9 or the DOS copy command work.
If the command copies the file to a certain location, it could be used in combination with HotFolder, which is part of any PDFCreator Business edition. HotFolder monitors a folder and automatically converts any files placed into it with PDFCreator. If you'd like a trail license, please contact and we will create one for you.

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