Problem with search a file after background function


hello, I’m using pdf Creator Plus V3.1.2 Build 10842.

I’m converting print files using pdf Creator as a printer. I’m modyfing the converted file using the background modifiy function.

Everything is working well until I’m trying to search my file. I’m not able to find anything.

After several try I could detect that the add of a background pdf “delete” the possibility of seaching.

In older version of pdf Creator I was using a script after the conversion adding a watermark. Is it possible to do it the same way ? In case of yes, would you have a sample VBS file to send me as example.

Thanks a lot, sorry for my poor English.


Hi Bernard,

thank you for the feedback.You can generally execute any script after conversion, but there isn’t any example of adding a background/watermark by script for the current release(s).
I wasn’t able to confirm the issue though, e.g. printing a simple text from notepad with a windows test page as background resulted in a searchable PDF. Are you printing from Chrome by any chance?

Best regards



Hi Robin,

Thank you for your answer. When I didn’t use the modify function “add a background”, searching the file is working well.

The problem is coming from adding a background pdf file to all pages of my file. It’s corrupting, or probably hide the text in some ways.

What I would like to do is adding the pdf file as background watermark that will not corrupt the search possibility of the converted file.

On older version of pdf creator, you were providing VBS files as example for adding a pdf file as watermark which where easy to modify and didn’t change the search possibilities.

Thanks for helping.
Best regards.


Hello Bernhard,

could you send 2 example files to support(at) We first need to be able to reproduce the issue, as it doesn’t seem to apply to all files; the ones I tested worked fine, adding the background didn’t disrupt the ability to search for text.
Once we have isolated the problem we will galdy try to fix it. The old script uses iText to add the background, while PDFCreator Plus uses pdftools (which should actually give better results), do you also get the issue if you try with the free version of PDFCreator (this still uses iText(?

Best regards,