Process does not close



currently the following issue bugs me:
After editing PDF files and closing PDF Architect it keeps active as a process and does not release the file handles. I have to manuelle end the process to release them.

Would be glad if there is a solution to this very annoying issue.

OS: Win10




you can disable this by turning off the “hibernate for quick launch” option in the general section of the PDF Architect options. Do you get this no matter what type of editing you do, or only when merging PDFs? Our developers have already looked into the situation and it should get fixed with one of the next updates.

Best regards



Dear Robin,

thank you for your quick reply and the work around. I have been testing the following use cases to see for which the the bug occures (always with closing afterwards):

  1. Opening a file (bug does not occure).
  2. Resizing a file (bug occures).
  3. Merging two files (bug occures).
  4. Hibernation disabled (bug does not occure for any of the above scenarios).

Besides the afore mentioned bug I became aware of a somehow related issue. After resizing a file, when the save dialogue appears, it is not possible to overwrite the file that was just resized. This is very annoying, since it forces you to first make a copy, delete the old file manually and then rename the copy. Would be nice if this could be adressed together with the bug, since they seem to be close to each other.