Queue.MergeAllJobs() leaves a job orphaned


I’m supporting a client using PDF Creator. The app is using the COM interface/libraries.

Their current version of PDF Architect Creator is 3.0.2, on Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. Users connect to a desktop session on this server via Remote Desktop. The application using PDF Creator is Microsoft Access 2010 (VBA).

An issue that I am trying to resolve is with the Queue. Specifically, the MergeAllJobs() method.

The problem is that sometimes all the jobs in the queue are successfully merged, but sometimes the final job is left orphaned in the queue. When I check the Queue.Count value, it is 0 even though that orphaned job is still there.

Please help. The solution I am supporting and maintaining depends on this feature functioning correctly.



we will need to look into this, have you checked if it might be a timing issue (e.g. the last job sometimes finishes spooling after the MergeAllJobs is called?) ?

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As far as I am able to tell, it is not a timing issue. After the call to the [AddFileToQueue] method, I’m using this statement in my code:

If Not pdfQueue.WaitForJobs(1, 7) Then


Perhaps this is the same/similar issue that I am encountering…