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Hi. I’m using PDF Creator free version from a long time ago. Today i updated to 3.0.1 version. I want to save the PDF into the same folder where the original file is located. With my older versión it were possible (Whan i clicked on “Save”, the program opened a explorer window showing the content of the original path and then i should click on “Save” on that window to finally save the new file) but after the update i cant make this to work on the same way. It’s possible? Thanks


It is a big problem in the way of work !
PDF creator 3.0.0



Clearly 3.x has saving issues. You don’t get the Save As dialog box that EVERY OTHER PRODUCT ON THE PLANET gives you when you go to save a file. It’s ridiculous. It really feels like they’re trying to force us to pay for Plus. I will NEVER be forced into paying for a product because of a poor design. They have to show me their product is worth it and design defects or flat out bugs aren’t the way to show me.



sorry this was overlooked during the redesign. We used to use a standard Windows save file dialog which automatically had this functionality. For PDFCreator 3 we use a custom dialog on the print job window, which doesn’t store the last save location by default. We will add this back as soon as possible.

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Why in the would would you reinvent the wheel? 3.x absolutely stinks because of this. There’s a reason why pretty much 99.99% of apps use the standard Windows Save-As dialog box. Your new one has LESS functionality than Windows 1.0’s Save-As dialog box in the mid-1980s. Why don’t you focus on creating PDFs and NOT reinventing the wheel. Seriously, there’s a reason square wheels never took off, they don’t work. Your custom dialog window should be totally removed from the product and never brought back.


@Miguel_Goffredo @Bob_Politi

You guys may want to considering downloading 2.5.3, the last stable build of 2.5.x.

In there you can tell it to skip their useless custom dialog box and go straight to the industry standard Save As dialog box. It also doesn’t require a paid subscription. I was able to install 2.5.3 on top of 3.0.1 with it preserving my settings. Solved my problems.



we didn’t intend to invent a new save file dialog, the intention was to merge the save file dialog with the print dialog to save a click. The functionality of remembering the last saved folder will be added back with the next bug fix update.

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Sorry to say but you didn't save a click, you added trouble.
The patch to remember the last location is not suitable at all, what we need is to save by default in the folder of the original document (and why not proposition a way to save in history location, but accessory to me and my secretary).
I'm sure I'm not the only one to regret the default Windows save box offering all that by default.



while I like the idea of being able to select from a list previous save locations, the rest of
what you are asking for isn't possible in most cases (and never has been) as the PDFCreator is a virtual printer and the original file path isn't included inside the print job. It could work for drag&drop or converting via context menu, as it is possible to store the path then (this will be available in one of the next PDFCreator updates). If you have a business edition you can skip the PDFCreator print dialog and use the default Windows Save Dialog instead.

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Hi Robin,
Is there a recent update on this issue? We deployed version 3.2 to all of our workstations yesterday and our associates have complained about the loss of the "last used path". I have observed inconsistency in this matter as it would appear to retain the last folder I "printed" to regardless of the application selected, but several other individuals must select the folder each time. Thank you for your time!



Hi Rob,

if the target directory is blank in the users profile settings, PDFCreator will always use the last used path, but if the user has set a target directory, PDFCreator will use this instead.

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