Scanned document editing


Hello, I'm new using the application and need help to determine if with the app I can edit a scanned document to meet certain criteria so I can upload the document to a government site, the fisnished document should meet the folowing cirteria:

*Should be 300 dpi

  • No more than 3 Mb

  • Grayscale

  • No OCR

I have been triyng with pdf printers but with no luck.



for most documents, converting them to grayscale with PDFCreator should be enough to meet the criteria, if the file comes out too large you can increase the compression, but converting to grayscale can already reduce the filesize quite a bit.
You can also do it with PDF Architect, by printing the document to the virtual PDF Architect printer in grayscale and using the "reduce file size" option if it is still too large afterwards.

Best regards