setup detected as spyware by Trendmicro


the file PDFCreator-3_2_2-Setup.exe is detected as spyware (PUA_WEBCOMPANION) by Trendmicro



PUA = potentially unwanted application, this doesn't have anything to do with Spyware.
There is an 100% optional offer for WebCompanion during the setup which can be deselected with 1 click.
We are trying to get rid of the false detection, but we can guarantee the safety of the PDFCreator-3_2_2-Setup.exe if it was downloaded from our servers.

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PUA = potentially unwanted application. It should be reclassified as UA. UA = unwanted application.
Please be forewarned that Web Companion IS ad/spy/mal - ware. We all understand that they are assisting in paying pdfforge's bills... but at the cost of customer satisfaction and major frustration once you have your new companion. I find it amazing that a viable product would align itself so poorly with others.

Please PDFforgers... worry about your reputation first, bottom line second.

Everybody else... head trend micro's warning... and find another pdf writer.


How is Web Companion ad/spy/malware? It protects from browser highjacking and phishing sites, here is a link to their official website:
Even if you don't trust it, you can simply deselect it during the setup, it doesn't get installed without your permission.