Like a lot of people here, I encountered the "TaskCanceledException" error.
I tried to search the Microsoft KB for error, but my search was not successful.
For information, I am in an environment with computers running Windows 7 (32/64) - PDFCreator 2.5.2
I noticed that by turning off AERO, I did not have this message anymore.
I reactivated AERO, but I disabled the composition of the desktop on the following 3 executables: DeleteMonitorDLL.exe, ErrorReport.exe and PDFCreator.exe (for all users) and it seems that I do not meet anymore the concern of displaying this error page.

Can others in the same situation test this solution ?
For my part, an update to version 3.2.2 (business to be able to deploy it), is not possible.

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interesting, although I can't see any direct connection between AERO and the issue,disabling it might help avoiding the timeout by speeding things up a little bit.
You can find a little more details on the original issue here:

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Well, i make other test on another computer and finally i still have the taskcanceledexception windows :frowning: