Unable to install PDF Architect 5


I am unable to install pdf architect on 3 of the 5 computers that we have purchased licenses for. They are all the same make and build of computers. I have disabled the antivirus and firewalls and used the regular and offline installer. The 2 that worked pretty much installed immediately. The 3 that will not install just sit at a screen saying “ download and install” Sometimes it even says it is installed but I never get the finish button and I am never able to find the program in the start menu. I have attached a photo the install process. It will sit at this screen for hours. Any ideas? Thanks!



sorry for the trouble. Most likely there is a problem downloading the required modules, although it is currently impossible to tell exactly what went wrong.
Please try using the offline MSI files to install the application and all modules offline:
Extract the .zip file to a folder on the computers and run all the MSI subsequently, beginning with the “startup” MSI.
Hopefully this will solve the issue, if not please let us know or contact our phone support:

Best regards