Uninstall PDF Architect


I want to uninstall PDF Architect it does not show in the add or remove list in windows 10.



sorry for the trouble, in most cases running the installer again will solve the issue, as it should detect the installed version and offer to uninstall it. Please check C:\ProgramData\PDF Architect 5\Installation (or PDF Architect 4, depending which version you have) and run the PDFArchitect5Installer.exe. It should offer to remove/uninstall.

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It for me it claims it can’t talk to the server and gets rrror 60. Why would an uninstall process even talk to a server? Is the software safe?


Hi Nigel,

I hope so. It's installed on my work and private computer. :slight_smile:
I suspect the installer/uninstaller tries to update before starting the uninstallation process. However, it should be able to attempt the uninstallation without connecting to the servers.

Try to use the most recent installer (for the installed version, of course) to uninstall PDF Architect from your PC. Downloads are available on our website: https://download.pdfforge.org/download/pdfarchitect6

If that's not doing the job, please contact our PDF Architect support team: https://support.pdfarchitect.org/customer/portal/emails/new

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