Uninstall silently pdf architect 5


Hello. I have 695 computers with PDF architect in my big company. I installed with the default option in a pdfcreator installer. I will uninstall silently pdf arquitect 5. I tried use a arquitect remover but not allow silent mode with a standard commands /silent,/qn,/quiet… , I tried used a PDFArchitect5installer.exe with a silent command /silent /qn /quiet… with the same problem. I need a silent command for unistall completely pdf architect 5.

msiexec.exe /x {4DC94B75-B036-474D-8AC8-E2D055C95FBD} /quiet
MsiExec.exe /I{0E25DE98-E56E-4259-B554-F1360BB2DC22} /quiet



sorry for the trouble, this thread should help:

Basically you can uninstall everything silently via MSI after disabling the “PDF Architect Manager Service”

If any questions remain after reading the other other thread, I will be happy to help.

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I open this url and I received a error menssage.

you don’t have access to that topic!



sorry about that, it seems it was a private discussion instead of a public thread.
Here is the relevant information:
From an elevated command line, run the following commands to uninstall PDF Architect 5 silently:
net stop “PDF Architect 5 Manager”
msiexec /x{0E25DE98-E56E-4259-B554-F1360BB2DC22} /qn
msiexec /x{4DC94B75-B036-474D-8AC8-E2D055C95FBD} /qn
msiexec /x{EE01D8D7-2DD0-4C43-BF42-D9C8FC8DAE99} /qn

The GUIDs might depend on the exact version you have installed, but the above should work if you installed PDF Archtiect 5 together with PDFCreator recently. If it doesn’t find the GUIDs on your system, please check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall for PDF Architect entries and copy the GUIDs from those.

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Hi Robin,

We are making progress… :slight_smile:
I do find a couple of things that are not quite resolved.

When I use the command to kill the process (net stop “PDF Architect 5 Manager”), the directories are still left behind. The good news is I can go back in and remove them once the user has rebooted, so that is not a major problem. An annoyance, but not major. If we could figure this one out it would be great.

However, what I am still seeing is the PDF Architect still shows up in the control panel, so it obviously thinks something is still installed. This may be connected to the fact that the directories are not getting removed. How do we resolve this problem?




Hi Robin,

I have since found out that after a reboot, because PDF Architect is not completely removed, the PDF Architect manager task starts again. Are there other processes beside PDF Architect Manager that need to be killed before the msiexec commands are executed?



I tried your steps but doesn´t delete all files, not delete a PDFArchitect5installer.exe and a directory C:\ProgramData\PDF Architect 5\Installation\ . in a program and feactures appears PDF arquitect . I need delete completely from my computers silently.



thanks for the feedback, we will try to provide an uninstall script or tool which is able to remove everything silently in the near future. I have now discovered the PDF Architect manager is also removable via MSI, please try adding MsiExec.exe /x{8DED36D9-54D6-4127-A112-5A1BA1CDD66B} /qn to the removal script to handle the uninstall of the service properly. I didn’t spot this at first because unlike the rest of PDF Architect 5, the notification service runs a x86 executable, so the uninstall string was in the WOW6432node of the registry. It did leave an empty PDF Architect 5 manager folder in the file system though.
The PDF Architect team will check on the rest of the issues, it seems only the silent uninstall is suffering from these issues.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for looking into creating a script to uninstall PDF Architect.

Just some more information that may be helpful…
So I have been able to use all of the commands you supplied successfully to uninstall the keys and software with 1 exception:
PDF Architect still continues to show in the Control Panel.

The Control Panel reveals there is still a key in the registry. In my case, that key is called PDF Architect 5
The key reveals that there is an installer/uninstaller located in C:\ProgramData\PDF Architect 5\Installation called PDFArchitect5Installer.exe.
It also shows there is a /uninstall flag that can be used. So, I executed the command psexec \pcname -s “C:\ProgramData\PDF Architect 5\Installation\PDFArchitect5Installer.exe” /uninstall /s.
This command exited with a Code 0, telling me it was successful. However, when I look, the software still shows up in the control panel.



Hello Robin.

I tried your steps but doesn´t solve my problem. Because when i go to Control panel reveals a key is called PDF Arquitect 5. I tried The Rschuck script PDFArchitect5Installer.exe” /uninstall /s. but Doesn´t unistalll the program. I am a client with a PDF Arquitect with 50 Licences currently and more in the future. they do not like anything that when I install pdf creator and install pdf arquitect by default not its possible unistall silently PDF arquitect.


Good Morning Robin,

Any update on how to remove PDF Architect Manager 5 from the Control Panel using a silently command from the command line?
We’ve determined the command "PDFArchitect5Installer.exe” /uninstall /s must be waiting for a confirmation from the user on a prompt they obviously cannot see, and the uninstall just stalls.




Hi Randy,

reg delete “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\PDF Architect 5”
will remove the entry from the Control Panel, I wasn’t able to run a silent uninstall with the PDFArchitect5Installer.exe either.
Hope this is the last missing bit and sorry for all the trouble.

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I remove PDF Architect 4 and 5, from windows 10, with manual command.

Run CMD (in admin mode)

CD “C:\ProgramData\PDF Architect 4\Installation”
"PDFArchitect4Installer.exe” /uninstall
Follow instruction to remove

Same command for V5 by change 4 by 5

Then Exit cmd mode and delete manually empty directory “C:\Program Files (x86)\PDF Architect 5 Manager”

Note : All other directory have been removed by command "PDFArchitect 4/5 Installer.exe” /uninstall in “C:\Program Files (x86)” and in “C:\Program Files”