What features will no longer work after 1 year if plan is not renewed?


Based on www_pdfforge_org/pdfarchitect/personal/perpetual I thought my purchase of PDF Architect Pro + OCR Plan would continue to work ‘forever’. But when I I look at my license and attempt to cancel yearly update charges it says:

Cancel Plan
If you cancel your plan, you will lose access to its features at the expiry date.
Would you like to continue?

So what happens after 1 year? What features do I lose access to?

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there are two options to purchase PDF Archtiect 6 Pro+OCR, one is the perpetual edition, the other is a yearly plan. Did you actually purchase through the link above? According to our records, you purchased the plan, but of course we are happy to help if there was a misunderstanding or if something is wrong with our checkout process. The perpetual edition can be used forever, but you won’t receive any major updates and support will be discontinued after 1 year.

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So the plan edition will only work for 1 year. I wish the purchase page explained that and offered the perpetual option so I could compare.

I purchased from an email offer for existing users. The special prices linked to go_pdfarchitect_org/web/en/Promo/v6-Release/v1/cl

I now see that the word plan is there in different font from the rest. Nothing in the purchase page offered other options or explained that this plan option required yearly payments.

Upclick has not responded to my request for refund.



sorry for the trouble. Here is the site for comparing the differences between the two license models: http://cart.pdfarchitect.org/um/?tobuy=ProfessionalPlusPackage&showEdition=true
Upclick might take a couple of business days to respond, depending on the current work load.
If you haven’t heared from them within the next 5 business days please let me know and I will contact them personally,

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