Windows 10 CreatorsUpdate PDF Creator 2.5.2 and memory problem


System and PDFCreator verion - at the post topic…
When creating MANY PDF files (printing fev hundrets documents) - there is WIndows message about “No memowy available at the system”, but theres is! I have 8GB RAM, and system with apps and PDF Creator uses no more than 4GB. So is there any bug at version 2.5.2 PDFCreator? I haven’t had that issue before upgrading to 2.5.2.


Having similar problems since the upgrade to 2.5.2. I send the print and the window just never comes up or I get a spooler problem message. Frustrating!


At PDFCreator 2.5.1 I have had a problem with loosing settings. After upgrade - problem with “no memory available”, will be any stable version?



sorry, it seems this thread was overlooked. So far, no other useres have reported any memory related issues, so I don’t think it is actually a bug in PDFCreator, or it is something which is only noticible under certain conditions. Some of our power users print ~50000 documents a day with PDFCreator, unless you have an ever larger throughput, I doubt it is the volume. Do you have any actions configured?
Have you already tested 2.5.3?
We will check if this is reproducible here in the meanwhile.

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