Windows Explorer Preview Pane Questions


I am looking for a replacement PDF previewer for the Windows Explorer Preview Pane. The problem I have with the Acrobat version also causes me issues with the PDF Architect version - the Previewer opens the file in such a way that you can’t then open the file in Acrobat, edit it, and then save it without first closing the preview (either by clicking on a different file in Explorer or closing the preview pane). I edit several PDF files a day. I used the preview pane all the time, and having to close it all the time just to save a file is a pain. Every other type of file (Word, Excel, etc) can be edited and saved, and the file is automatically deselected in Windows Explorer so the new version can be saved. The only previewer I’ve been able to find which mimic’s this behavior is the free PDF Preview for Windows 7 by Vivid Document Imaging Technologies, and their previewer only displays the first page and at such a low resolution as to often be unreadable.

Is there any way to change PDF Architect’s viewer (free or paid) to avoid this issue? Thanks. -John