1-5-0 setup not running on XP


I have version 1.2.3 installed on win xp.

When trying to run setup for version 1.5.0 the screen asking to choose language flashes briefly and setup terminates without any error message.

The setup log is as follows:

2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   Log opened. (Time zone: UTC-03:00)
2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   Setup version: Inno Setup version 5.4.3 (a)
2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   Original Setup EXE: c:\Documents and Settings\Wla\My Documents\Downloads\PDFCreator-1_5_0_setup.exe
2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   Setup command line: /SL5="$1E0778,28456939,54272,c:\Documents and Settings\Wla\My Documents\Downloads\PDFCreator-1_5_0_setup.exe" /log
2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   Windows version: 5.1.2600 SP3  (NT platform: Yes)
2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   64-bit Windows: No
2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   Processor architecture: x86
2012-10-01 09:50:51.359   User privileges: Administrative
2012-10-01 09:50:51.484   Got EAbort exception.
2012-10-01 09:50:51.484   Deinitializing Setup.
2012-10-01 09:50:51.500   Log closed.


Removed version 1.2.3 using Control Panel / add or remove programs. After this version 1.5.0 installed OK.


did you try to redownload the file to make sure it didn´t get corrupted during download?