1.5 downloads as quicken PDF

I had version 1.2 and it worked beautifully. Told my friend about pdf creator and helped her download it (version 1.5) it woks well on her computer. I thought I should update my version  so I went through the download process for 1.5. It automatically deleted my 1.2 version.  Download did not have any errors.  However it downloads as Quicken PDF and does not work…I want to make excel files and word files in PDF format.  I do not use Quicken or have it as far as I know.  I have tried to down load several times with the same result. I have windows xp windows 5.1 with service pack 3 on my computer.   Help!!!


did you download it from sourceforge, or from here?
I am really confused, since it seems like it is our installer, if it auto removed the old version, but we have nothing to do with Quicken PDF.