1.6.1 Setup/Install issues and subsequent woes

The thread “pdfCreator not printing when clicking ‘save’” of August sorta died, but the problem of hanging on SAVE has arisen with different symptoms under 1.6.1 for me.

Here is the sequence of migration on an XP SP3 system to 1.6.1, and * marks the steps that were unexpected.

- Control Panel Uninstall of 1.2.3
* Initiated install of 1.6.1 began and about halfway along progress bar a pane popped up to restart the system
- Clicked the pane and nothing happened…
- Did manual Start/Shut Down/Restart
- Install did not automatically resume after restart
* Initiated install of 1.6.1 again and a pane appeared about 1/3 along the the progress bar (not as far was originally)
    “PDFCreator is already installed. It is necessary to uninstall the existing installation (1.2.3) before installing this version (1.6.1). Should the existing (1.2.3) uninstall now?”
* Huh? Checked the directory which had held 1.2.3 and it was empty
- Clicked Yes to continue
- Seemed to be back on track with “Welcome to the PDFCreator Setup Wizard”
- Ticked Expert Settings
- Went with Standard Installation
* Accepted default “Name of Printer: PDFCreator” and up came error message:
  “There is already a printer w/this name - Pick another name”
* Huh? When 1.2.3 was uninstalled this should have disappeared, so went with PDFCreator1.6 as a name
- Setup started to download additional files (PDFArchitect_latest_setup.msi)  48.15MB
  “The new PDFArchitect will be installed. This might take a while” (it did)
- Firefox opened with request to addon PDF Architect Converter for Firefox 1.0
- Unticked ‘Allow this installation’ because 1.0 is ancient

___ Question: If Control Panel/Uninstall left
___ enough remnants of 1.2.3 that Setup 1.6.1
___ could find them, what other alternative
___ would purge the system of PDF Creator?

Issues that have arisen since installation of 1.6.1:

* Printer list still had PDFCreator, so deleted it manually
* Generated a Word file and printed to PDFCreator1.6 (worked fine)
* Word puked on closing and on reopening gave error pane
  “Word experienced a serious error the last time the add-in ‘pdf architect word plugin’ was opened. Would you like to disable this add-in?”
- Clicked Yes to disable PDFArchitect
* Opened a large PDF file which had some figures to be extracted by printing as PNGs
- PDF Creator did nothing when Save clicked
- According to Print Monitor the status was ‘Printing’ and the Filename was:
c:\Documents and Settings\User1\Local Settings\Temp\PdfCreator\Spool\AC8274F73B5A4CC7BCCA192D8DE88034.inf
       Attempted to delete it but still in the list
- Clicked Cancel
- It does not matter whether Acrobat Reader, PDF Architect or PDFXchange are used as viewers, the print of PDFs chokes on Save.
* Generated a single page note with Textpad and it printed fine to PDF
* Generated a multi page note with Textpad
- PDF Creator did nothing when Save clicked
- According to Print Monitor the status was ‘Printing’ and the Filename was:
c:\Documents and Settings\User1\Local Settings\Temp\PdfCreator\Spool\E938AA05D3144DFEBF231A80ABC3984D.inf
- Clicked Cancel
* Unable to print individual PNG pages from a file

For curiosity, I fired up a retired W2K system on the network which has PDF Creator 0.9.6 installed and used it to open files on the XP system:
 - Prints PDF files
 - Prints Textpad files of any size (one was 284 pages)
 - Prints files as multiple PNGs

The ancient 0.9.6 version does everything right…

Actions that come to mind:
     a) Uninstall 1.6.1
     b) Delete PDFCreator1.6 printer (if necessary)
     c) Install 1.6.1

     d) Uninstall 1.6.1
     e) Delete PDFCreator1.6 printer (if necessary)
     f) Install 0.9.6

___ Before embarking on what may be a fruitless
___ exercise with either approach, am looking
___ for some suggestions on what else to try.


most of the time, it is the pdfcmon.dll which is still in use by ther system and therefore doesn´t get replaced during the update. To avoid this, uninstall PDFCreator and do a reboot afterwards (you can also manually check if the pdfcmon.dll was deleted from your windows\system32 folder) and do a fresh setup afterwards.
PDFArchitect integration can now be disabled during setup (or if you select it in the list of installed programs and click change).