I want to be clear, this is an issue I have seen in older versions, but wanted to provide feedback as the issue still exists in the latest beta as well.

I have a word document with many EPS images inserted, and a background “paper colour” as black.

The rendering of one of my EPS images is not proper when using the built-in PDF file generator in MS Word 2010, and using the PDFCreator printer driver provides what seems to be a perfect job rendering the EPS within the PDF file, but seems to mishandle the background colour.  

I tried to use a background image of a black rectangle, but the same thing occurred.  My only guess is that the white color is being replaced with “clear” as an assumption that the background is white?

I can send a copy of the document if you like.


do you have your word set to print backgrounds?
It is disabled by default and the option is in an unexpected place, under file->options->display :
"Print background colors and images"