10 doc.x send to PDFcreator only 9 is printed


I have some problems getting PDF creator to print all files.

If I print 10 docx. at the same time and want them in either pdf or txt. only 8 or 9 are converted.

If i do it one at the time there is no problem.

Can somebody please help.



how exactly do you print them at the same time? Do you drag them all into the PDFCreator window?
Which version of PDFCreator are you using?

best regards,

Hi Robin,

I just mark all the documents and press print.

I´m using version 1.9.4 

I the never beta version is not an option as i need the output to be TXT. And as well to be very stabile as it is running at a costumer.

hope that you could have some input to the trouble shooting.

Best regards Esben.

Hi Esben,

Version 1.9.4 is beta and it can't produce txts either, so I am a bit confused now.
Do you select all the docuements and then use "print" and select the PDFCreator printer afterwards, or do you use "convert with PDFCreator"?
Is PDFCreator your default printer?

best regards,

Hi Robin,

Sorry for not explaining myself precise enough.

What I also tested where the 1.7.0 and 1.7.3 PDF creator both of them have the same error as first described also when they print pdf files.

This lead me to think that it is a general error in the pdf creator.

I then tried the new beta version 1.9.4 and this version does not have the error when printing pdf.

But you are totally right that 1.9.4 does not support TXT print.

I ended up buying a licence and the error has now been send to PDFFORGE technical department, and I expect an answer from them in 1-2 weeks.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards Esben.