1st attempt to use COM

I am using Delphi XE7 on Windows 10
I cannot find any complete examples using Delphi.
I Have PDFCreator registered  as Main menu > Component > Import Component > Import Type Library...
But what else do I need?
What about the uses statement.?
What about Type ?
What about the Var statement?
What is called and when by what?

I cannot find anything in your manuals, in FAQ or the Forum.
There are no examples of Delphi installed.

I am sure that once I have the basic knowledge of its structure it will work but getting started with the information supplied is impossible.

Could someone please help?
Thank you.


I am afraid there aren’t any Delphi examples, but here is a link to the complete COM documentation, which should help:

best regards,

Hello @IanBurrows, at the end, did you successfully imported and used type librarywithin Delphi ?
You may have a look to the topic I posted yesterday ( title: Error “Interface not registered” with imported type library from PDFCreator.COM.dll in Delphi )
If you have any suggestion… thanks a lot !