2nd and continuing pages print too small

I’ve used PDF Creator for years just fine. Now when  I print a doc with
it, the 1st page is fine but all continuing pages print super tiny in
the lower left hand corner of the page. They cannot be read at all. What
is causing this? Then when  I use the Creator on my other system and
transfer the file (which opens file on my laptop), it opens with an
Adobe message as " there was an error opening this document. The file is
damaged and could not be repaired". The adobe version is the same on both computers.

I can figure out why the 2nd and continuing pages prints out small on
my Creator,  I would be fine. I tried uninstalling PDF Creator and
reinstalling, but the same issue occurred. I NEED this program. Help!


most likely it is this: http://www.pdfforge.org/content/problem-adobe-printing-incorrectly-sized-pages