3 tiny suggestions

 Hi, Love your product and have used it for years.  Just wanted to let you know 3 minor irritants regarding new updates:

1.  The current version needs to be uninstalled 1st - yet there is no built in uninstaller which makes me hav to go to control panel, programs, uninstall - like I said, a minor irritant, but a pain nonetheless.  Would be nice if the installer could uninstall the old automatically, or even would be nice if an uninstaller was included in the Start Menu group.

2. Every time I install an update I forget that the default is A4. Since I live in the US and we use letter, it makes the docs look funny.  It would be convenient if there was a quick setup question asking which doc format for default.  Otherwise I have to waste a couple minutes each time hunting around to change this option.

3.  Lastly, kind of in reference to point 2 above, if my settings would be saved somewhere when I uninstall that would be great.  Instead, I have to re-setup my defaults (I use the default where it automatically attaches to an email - love this option btw!).

Again, love the program and thanks for your time.