64bit drivers for server (shared network) version of pdfcreator


I'm looking for 64bit drivers for Windows Server 2008 for shared  pdfcreator printer. Is there any chance?

I have installed server version of pdf creator on windows 2003 (32bit). On this server is pdf creator printer setup as shared. And now i need additional driver for 64bit system, because I need to add this printer on windows server 2008 (it's terminal server for cca 60 users).

I installed pdfcreator  on windows 2008, because i hoped that drivers will be in system and when adding shared pdfcreator printer the drivers will already be there, but no luck.

Thanks for any help or suggestion


This is possible with version 1.0. The test version will be released in the next days.

OK, thank you very much or quick answer.

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can you explain how I can do it?\\