A Guide for Gear Suited to You

Gear for any class is a critical component of your character. For a Death Knight it is even more so. After all a Death Knight is the class that is most likely to use the old Dirty Harry saying “Do ya feel lucky world of warcraft gold , punk?” Death Knights are not there to make friends, they are there to kill and intimidate, preferably in that order. world of warcraft gold, The bigger and more impressive the gear is, the better.

Therefore much of your time in the World of Warcraft is spent looking for wow gold , collecting, making, buying, questing, or raiding for gear. Just when you get a good piece of gear, you will either level past its usefulness or find a better piece of gear to aim for. wow gold, Gear and gear progression is what ends up keeping most players in the game long past reaching the level cap.

For gearing up, Death Knights are different from the other classes due to the fact that they start at level 55 upon character creation. In addition world of warcraft gold for sale , they start the game fully equipped with green quality gear. Better yet, by completing their starting zone quests, they earn an even better set of rare (blue) gear. world of warcraft gold for sale,

This second set of gear lasts well into a Death Knight’s leveling. As a result there is very little that you will end up replacing for the first 5-10 levels as a Death Knight. What do you want to look for in gear once you do get past the first hand full of levels? Let's take a look.

Gear and its stats that are important for a Death Knight really rely on what talent spec you are using. Are you specced to tank and absorb damage and generate threat or are you trying to become the next destroyer of worlds buy gold wow , demolishing everything around you? The Death Knight class does both well, but only if you are geared for it photo editing , so let's look at each separately. buy gold wow,

Tanking not your thing? No problem, Death Knights kick out enough DPS to make almost any other class quake in their boots. The stats that you require to do damage are vastly different than what you need to tank. photo editing, This means a whole different set of gear. The most important stats on your damage gear are Hit, Strength, Attack Power, Critical Hit, and Expertise.