Ability for user to select email OR auto save at runtime

I'm using PDF Creator on a server - but with a standard installation - to be used by Remote Desktop Services users.  There are times when a user wants to email the converted pdf to someone, and other times when he/she wants to simply save it.

In the latter case, I have Auto Save activated and in the Action section I'm executing a .bat script which captures the user's local drive letter - it's in the form of, \\\\tsclient\\drvltr - and copies the converted pdf from where it's autosaved on the server, to the user's local drive.  This, of course prevents the user from emailing the pdf directly to someone else.

I'd like to be able, if at all possible, for the user to have the opportunity to select whether to email or copy to his/her local drive.

The application is a political campaign management system, and the users are mostly volunteers who are barely computer literate, and as such would not be capable of using the dialog that comes up when Auto Save is NOT selected.  They could, of course, select the email option successfully, but the save to thier local drive would be beyong their ken.  Heaven only knows where the pdf would end up.