Accessing Reports

http://:9002/reports/rwservlet?server=dev_win_report&report=// one/VAV1411644475601.pdf&ADD_OWN_FLG=N&APM_APPLICATION_ID=10014092500012&ORGID=100&PFX_VAL=&P_BLOCK=60&P_FLATNO=&P_PRMSTID=92&P_ROUTE=&P_ROUTE1&P_WARD=26&P_ZONE=32

my problem is that my destionation Path is c:/test one/VAV1411644475601.pdf; my file is not getting generate on that location.

if i give path as c:/testone/VAV1411644475601.pdf; then file is getting generated.

So my problem is that how to read the blank space between (test one). i also try %20 in between but it did'nt work.

Sir, Means how i can acces folder path using PDFCreator.