Activation Key for Architect 6


I have the activation key for Architect 5, can it be used for Architect 6 or do I need a new one ?

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I am afraid the activation key can only be used for the (main) version it was purchased for, so the latest you can install with your key is 5.1. PDF Architect 6 offers a new subscription model which ensures you can always use the latest version while your subscription is ongoing.

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So you are stating that even though we purchased a full licensed version (5 Professional in my case), that we now need to pay again for the new upgrade to 6? I am trying to view the emails I received stating to upgrade and don't see where I would need to purchase it again for the upgrade


That's correct. You can use PDF Architect 5 as long as you wish but you will not be able to upgrade to Architect 6 for free, only minor updates and bugfixes for PDF Architect 5 are included in your license.
You might be able to grab an upgrading offer in the notification system in PDF Architect 5 or in the email newsletter.


Are you saying that our licenses we have been using from previous versions (versions 3-5 in my case) of PDFArchitect do not work for the current version(6)? I need to repurchase version 6 on a yearly basis from now on and I cannot use my previous professional version? If this is the case, I feel ripped off. Changing the licensing model with no way to continue with no loyalty upgrade looks like you have abandoned clients that got you here. Is this the case? Have you chosen to invalidate previous client's licenses for the current version and versions going forward? Have you chosen to embrace Adobe's licensing model?



you can continue to use the version you originally purchased for as long as you like.
The keys always only work for the main version they were purchased for, this wasn't changed (e.g. you can't and never could use a PDF Architect 3 key to activate PDF Architect 5).
Beginning with PDF Architect 6, there is now also a subscription based model which lets you always use the latest version. The subscription comes with additional benefits like being able to use PDF Architect on up to 3 machines, which many users asked for. Previously you needed to purchase a separate license for every machine.
You can however still purchase a perpetual license which allows you to keep using PDF Architect 6 as long as you like (but can't be used for future versions):

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