Activation stopped

I have purchased and have been using successfully for a few moths.

Now when I try to EDIT or Create a Document I can't and tells I am told to ACTIVATE my software.

It is Activated and I am Logged in. When I try to ACTIVATE again I am sent to a Webpage and told to purchase. I HAVE purchased!

More than a little annoyed.

What is supports Email?

I need my software to WORK!

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I have moved the topic into the PDF Architect section.
Please go through this guide to reactivate your software.
Feel free to contact the PDF Architect customer service via the contact form in the knowledge base:

I have the same issue. The guide to reactivate doesn't help as I am already logged in and it should be working.
No response yet, and I desperately need this to work.

Hey Foxy

Try this

Open the application.
Select FILE then ACCOUNT, then , at the top should be a box that says "SWITCH PRODUCTS"

Click that.

You should be given dialogue box that lists the products.

Select what you should have (PROFESSIONAL and FREE were listed under mine),

That did it for me.

Somehow my software switched to the FREE version which didnt let me do anytghing. Seleccting PROFESSIONAL put it back.



This is still an issue. It is now hanging at authentication when using your google account. It will not let you accept to trust the application for any of my users trying to activate. For me, I have 2-step authentication on my account and it hangs after I accept the login request on my phone.

I'm not sure how long this has been going on as it was just reported to me by a user that they couldn't activate.