Activation without proxy credentials


I bought PDFCreator Business.
We use msi to install it.
We choose to open the firewall to
IE parameter is mark to use proxy

Installation is well done.
But 7 days after, activation failed.

When looking firewall it shows that it seems that the process try to use proxy !

How can we install and use PDFCreator without giving proxy credentials ?

Thank you for your help.



by default PDFCreator will use the IE settings for the proxy.
If you have a limited amount of machines, the easiest solution is to use the offline activation on all machines, which will be valid for a year or until your current license expires.
Otherwise it might be possible to prevent PDFCreator from going through the proxy by creating the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\pdfforge\PDFCreator\LicenseServerProxy, containing a string "Url" with an empty value.
This is the only place PDFCreator will check before using the IE user settings, but I am not sure if an empty value will cause it to not use any proxy, so far it has only been used to specify a different proxy.

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It doesn't work ...

My IT says that when I try to activate it use the proxy (defined in IE options)
We try to add an exception to in the proxy.pac : Same problem !

What can I use now ?
Thank you for your help.