Adding printers

Hi running windows 7 Home premium, PDFcreator  1.7.2

I have defined several profiles.
I have also created several printers using these profiles, all without any problem.
Then for no reason I can tell, when I wish to create a new Printer I get "You must be administrator to install or delete a printer!"
This was never a problem, before.
I log on with full admin rights.
I have tried it on another windows 7 Home premium machine same problem.
I have also tried it on a Windows 7 professional and it works fine.
Any suggestions.


you always need admin rights to create a printer. Maybe PDFCreator was launched with admin rights previously and some change in UAC settings or similar caused it to be launched in a user context instead. If you launch it by right clicking it and selecting “Run as Admin”, is the problem still there?