Adding watermark removes password?

 I've coded up an application that uses the COM interface to print PDFs from Crystal reports without any user intervention, and optionally password protect them too. This all works brilliantly.

Now I want to add a graphic too. It appears that I can do this in two ways:

Using pdfforge.dll pdf.pdf.StampPDFFileWithImage as in ..\\PlugIns\\pdfforge\\StampPDFFileWithImage.vbs. This doesn't seem to accept passwords, and fails outright.

Using pdftk.exe as in ..\\Scripts\\RunProgramAfterSaving\\AddWatermarkToPDF.vbs. I need to supply the admin password & input_pw to allow the source file to be opened, and the output file is successfully stamped. Unfortunately the passwords are not carried over to the output file.

Is it possible to encrypt and password protect this file in a separate step? Is that what PDFEncryptor does? Hm.

OK now I sound a bit desparate, but I don't suppose anyone knows if I can dump the image on Crystal and get it merged in before printing? I'm currently using crystal 8.5, but can upgrade to crystal 11 in about 30 minutes if that will help.

OK I load the image into a recordset stream and pass it to crystal before printing, so it's all good :-D