Additional Information to Assist with Attunement

Additional Information

to Assist with



Etheric Chi Ball is an energy ball that will have the appropriate attunement(s) and symbol(s) encoded specifically for you, that you would access when you are ready. The Chi Ball is one of the most effective and simple methods of sending healing and attunements. My intentions create the Chi Ball.


Your Chi Ball will be available to access at the time you receive your manual(s).


Recommended Prior




The day of attunement, please do not consume alcohol or caffeine. Remember to drink lots of water both before and after your attunement(s).


Set a mood. Take your phone off the hook. Ask others not to disturb you for at least an hour- 1/2 hour is for the attunement(s), and the remaining 1/2 will understand after your attunement(s)!


You may use a candle(pure light) and incence, relaxing ambient music, very slow music is best. Much of the New Age ambient music isn't the least bit relaxing due to "irritations of the senses".


It is best to sit upright on a chair, or lay down comfortably, with your hands in your lap, palms facing upwards. You will "feel" when the attunement is complete. Stay in your chair for as long as you wish. Perhaps you may like to keep a blanket and pillow nearby so that you can have a nap afterwards. Be sure to drink plenty of quality water both before and after the attunement(s).


My Attunement



Begin by breathing into your muscles, bones, and organs until you are fully relaxed, feeling calm and quiet. Focus on your Upper Crown and Crown Chakras (located at the top of the head), and visualize a white light, brilliant and pure, entering your body through these Chakras, filling them with pure love. Next, imagine this light traveling down to your Third Eye Chakra, filling it with the same divine light. Continue to work your way down your Chakras until all Chakras are filled with the brilliant light, ending with your Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine.


Now, bring your attention to the soles of your feet, as you visualize roots growing out from them and slowly extending through the floor and into the Earth, until they hit the magnetic core center.


Allow your body to feel the effects of gravity as it begins to get heavier, and eventually pulls you down, relieving any tension, stress, and negative emotions and/or emotions that have built up in your system. Allow them to sink into the Earth through your roots and continue to breathe deeply and fully. Rather than forcing your breath, allow your breath to breathe for you.


Once you are completely relaxed, imagine a ball of healing, loving Earth energy slowly gathering at the end of your roots. Feel it moving through your roots toward your feet. Allow as much time as you need in order to visualize this ball of energy reaching the soles of your feet, Feel it travel up through your limbs and into your abdomen. Allow it to pause there for a moment.


Take some time to get used to this incredible energy, and pay close attention to its emotional, mental, and physical effects on you. Explore the colour(s) and texture(s) of this energy. Immerse yourself in the feeling, and, once you are ready, visualize this ball of energy slowly and evenly expanding as it meets the light of the already energized, glowing Chakras until you are entirely enveloped by it, as if you are contained within a bubble of divine, pure loving energy.


Use your intuition to create an atmosphere that best suits you. You may also wish to create your own sacred space for this, and perhaps you may like to use crystal to aid in your ascension. Next, state your intent to receive your Chi Ball attunement(s) as sent from myself to you. All that is necessary now is to be willing to accept!


During Attunement


You may feel warmth, tingling, numbness, feelings of hot and/or cold, especially in your hands. It is also quite possible to feel nothing at all. Regardless of what you feel, or do not feel, please note that the attunement will still be effective.


After Attunement


You should feel the attunement end between fifteen and forty minutes, however, it may take longer if extra healing is delivered. When you feel ready, begin to slowly wiggle your toes; rock your feet side to side, gently back and forth, until you can easily lift your feet up. Imagine the roots you planted into the Earth dislodging gently from your feet. Gently bring the rest of your body back to the present by wiggling and stretching thoroughly. Welcome back! Now, thank the Earth for sharing her healing energies with you. It is possible to feel dizzy or lightheaded. At this time, you may wish to use your blanket and pillow to take a nap, or rest for at least fifteen minutes.