AddWatermark + automatic print


I create the server service with a PDF Dokumnet AddWatermark.vbs this document and want then to a defined printer (not the default printer) automatically output.

PDF will be generated and stored correctly but without printed with watermark, this is probably not yet possible to date with PDFCreator. Lt. Recommendation should be the appropriate addwatermark.vbs - file to extend the handles this pressure to drop the edited PDF file.

Has anyone here ever created such a VBS file? No matter if Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader.

I am not yet come to any solution.

Thank you in advance for your help and effort.

MfG Jens


if you use the PDFCreator print function to automatically print a file after it was converted, it will use the postscript file which will not contain the watermark, so basically you need to ensure not the postscript file but the completed PDF gets printed.



Hi Robin,

I have the same question, but can’t find how to automatically print the completed PDF.

Theres a VB Script function to Print like the “Print after saved”?

Thank you 


no it has an own section in the PDFCreator options called “print”.