Administrative install with 2 profiles


The task:

I need to be able to install PDF Creator by Microsoft GPO install, because none of my users have administrative rigths. I need to install 2 virtual printers with there own profiles, because I need one profile for "normal" pdf-printing and one profile for our ERP-system with autosafe option inabled and a specified directoy for pdffiles.

I have tryed:

I have made a clean mashine with Windows XP. At that mashine I made an "Before discovery" with WinInstall LE. After that I installed PDF Creator ver. 1.2.0 and made my extra profile and my extra virtual printer. Then I made the "After discovery" and the .msi-installation file.

My problem:

When i have installed my new msi-file I am getting no virtual printers, and I get 2 times error 23 in the eventlog saying something like "no driver fore the specified printer" and it is correct I belive because - when i go to "printers and faxes" and look into serveroptions there is no PDFCreator printerdriver showing (as there is when I do a normal install)

What can I do to make the senario work?