After print, PDF properties windows on print server instead of clientpc


I'm having a hard time configuring PDF Creator for use on our Citrix Servers. Our current setup is as follows:

10 Citrix Xenapp Servers (Windows Server 2k8 R2 64bit  + 1 Print Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit), with PDFcreator Server installed . 

I to let the users print from the Citrix servers to the print server but am running into some difficulty, mainly for two reasons:

- When I send a print I don't see the PDF properties window (the one where I have to specify the document name, date of creation, date of modification, author, etc...) on my Citrix Server. Instead it pops up when I log on to my print server.

- If I modify settings with the program, the settings are saved, but don't apply. For instance, whenever I enable the autosave option and click save, I can see the setting in the registry: HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\PDFCreator\\Program\\UseAutosave is now 1. When I close the program and restart it, the setting has been undone in the program, as if it's not able to read what is in the registry... When I send a document to the printer, it ignores everything I've configured in the registry because of this. 

Is there a problem with 64bit machines, seeing that the program is not able to read from the Wow6432Node key?


Kind regards.

I have the same problem on XP SP3. The last version of PDFCreator doesn't retain the autosave option. Each time it is turned off and on the autosave has to be set again.


I have the very same issue, I'd like to share the printer out and have all docs save (via autosave) in a network file-share, but if I close the program all settings are lost? My preference is for the configured printer to behave like a print server but is seems in order for the printer to work consistently I need to leave the program running on the server under a logged on profile and then just Disconnect the rpd session (not ideal but keeps the printer settings I need)