After Update my PDFArchitect 6 lost all it's addon

I have a version 6 of PDF Architect few days ago I have received msg that there is an update of this software.
I agreed and after the update all my addon were gone like Edit Insert Review Convert all the toolbar Icons are gray when I try for example to edit getting a massage that refer me to Active it.
When trying to Activate it refer me to the site to buy the Addon.
Why is that ? I have bought the package that include these basic Addon please advise how to resolve it.

Shai Aharonov

Ok I have resolved the problem.
It looks like when doing the update it change the license back to free license and not my professional version that I have so by doing switch product and selecting the Professional one instead of the Free version solved the problem (Not sure why it didn't take my Professional as before but at least the problem has resolved)