All pages are not converted

When converting WordPerfect 11 to PDF/A-1b, only the first page is converted, or the first 2 or 3 pages. The rest of the pages are not converted.

We use Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Pro 64 bit. The same problem is happening on both systems.

Use Auto-save is turned on and the Filename is set to REDMON_DOCNAME_FILE.

The PDFCreator-Printer status shows the the document spooling - printing, however, the page count is short: the status window shows 3 of 3 pages being spooled/printed, but the document is 12 pages.

If I right-click on the job in the PDFCreator-Printer status window and select Restart from the menu, the page count gets adjusted to show that 4 out of 5 pages are being spooled/printed. Repeating this procedure will increase the page count shown by the PDFCreator-Printer status window, but the resulting document, when opened with Adobe Reader, contains only the first 5 pages of the 12 total pages.

The log shows this error:

Error: GPL Ghostscript 9.02: **** Could not open the file
[filename] .; **** Unable to open the initial
device, quitting.;

However, Autosavemodus says Create File [filename] success.

I would appreciate your help and will be happy to pay for your time to find the solution to this problem.