An error in the system environment variable 'Path' has occurred (SOLVED)


When installing (PDFCreator-3_3_2-Setup) on Windows 10 / 1709 (AV disabled) I receive the following error message.


Select OK


After restart we're able to install PDFCreator successfully.

Has anyone encountered this error, is there a way we can bypass?

Please advise

Thank you


This one is new to me.
Could you send me the PDFCreator Setup log (C:\Program Files\PDFCreator) via direct message?

Kind regards


Just figured it out, I had to manually add the Environment Variable

Variable name: Path
Variable value: %systemroot%\system32\wbem

Found a way to script it... see attached

I have about 100 clients I have to add this to, PDFCreator is required for SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018 SP05... The installer kept failing to install PDFCreator, now that I've added the Environment Variable, everything is working fine.

Environment Variable.txt (134 Bytes)