Annoying Unwanted Folder Caused by Save Dialog

Hi there,
It's been a long time since I'm being annoyed by this but I didn't have time to report it earlier (and I thought someone would notice and the bug being fixed).

I use PDFCreator to create PDFs for my students on their USB memory stick,
all have a different folder name for my lessons on their USB memory stick,
each time I want to create a PDF for a student on his USB memory stick the save dialog of PDFCreator wants to save it in a folder which name is the one from the previous student / USB stick.

I create a PDF for Brian in the AAAA folder of his USB memory Stick,
then I want to create a PDF for Tim in the BBBB folder of his USB memory stick and the save dialog is pre-set on an AAAA folder name (and it looks like it already has created a temporary AAAA folder on the USB memory stick).

This is really confusing and it takes me a lot of time to remember which one is the right folder to save the file to... I sometimes fail and have to cut the file from the new created folder, paste it in the right one, and delete the unwanted new folder.. What a waste of time.

This isn't the save dialog behaviour we had before (yes, it was long ago).



this is not a bug but intended behavior, as in most cases it is practical to have the last saved folder as starting point for the dialog (in fact, this is default Windows behavior). You can work around this by specifying a folder in the "save" tab of the profile settings, the dialog should then start inside that folder.

Best regards


Thanks, I set it to D:/ and tested today, it works.