Any clustering / failover options for PDFCreator Server?

Hi all, are there any option/ best practices for such clustering/ fail over for PDFCreator Server on Windows server 2016? Thanks!

Hi Nathan,

I have forwarded your question to our developers to come up with ideas/ solutions. They came back to me saying PDFCreator Server currently does not support clustering/ fail over capabilities.

PDFCreator Server would also require you to license it on each server, this includes the productive server as well as fail-over server and/or testing/ evaluation environments. This is necessary because technically is not possible to detect if a machine/ server is used for production or not.

Can you please tell us more about your business case?

Kind regards

Hello, thanks for the quick respond. I am looking for a solution for high availability. In my environment there will be around 1000 client using it frequently. It would be great if PDFcreator does have a solution for that.

I understand. So, you would just one productive print server and one backup (both with PDFCreator Server installed)? Or would it be two printer servers that 'act as one' = clustering? Or a combination of both?

Hi, I haven't got any idea about it but any suggestion will be welcome, It would be great if it support auto fail over which doesn't bother our users.

A random thought came up in my mind is that, to build a Windows Server 2016 cluster, let's say with two node, both installed PDFCreator. They form a print server cluster, with a shared print queue created by PDF creator, then user can benefit from the auto switch over feature from windows server cluster to archive HA. But not sure if it works.

Hello, can you elaborate more about those solutions? Thanks

I forwarded your latest thoughts on building a 'Windows Server cluster' to our developers at the end of last week. Unfortunately, it will take some time for them to discuss (and more importantly) respond to it. Would you be interested in a free trial license key to test it out yourself without further wait?

I have found a comprehensive article (it is in German, but you might be able to use online translations tools) about this topic here: Personally, I would really like to see PDFCreator Server being able to be clustered / programmed to support fail-over configs.

Thanks for your help! It would be great to have a trial license for us to have the testing. Is it possible to have two license for PDFCreator Server Version? Thanks!

Of course, we'll gladly provide you with trial licenses.
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