Apple M1 Max & Windows 11 ARM

I am having trouble installing the print drivers on my system. I am installing on a Mac Powerbook, M1 Max, running Windows 11 through Parallels.

Any ideas?

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I have the same problem, installation does not work in Windows 11 running through Parallels.

I wonder if anyone at PDFForge is listening?


I was reading it, but then I got distracted.

In a nutshell: It is not supported, since no PostScript Class 3 drivers are available for it. ARM requires Class 4 drivers. Unfortunately, we can't offer V4 drivers at the moment. Microsoft does not allow printers with V4 drivers to redirect the print data stream to third-party printer ports of third-party print monitors like the pdfcmon we programmed.

As soon as we see that Microsoft has extended the guidelines regarding V4 drivers, we will implement this immediately, but at the moment this is not possible.

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Will we be informed when you have the guidelines from Microsoft for the V4 drivers?

Same here. Macbook Pro w/ M1 running paralells and Windows 11. This stinks.

Hi, any update on this one? Please let us know if we can expect this to work soon, or let us know workarounds. Thanks!