Architect installs automatic while installing PDF Creator and

... and it get the control to PDF view pannel in explorer. Before this happens, I could always zoom in or out the view pannel just enlarging the window size.

After this intromission, nothing more works. I lost my default visualisation, the ability to zoom the preview image in the viewing pannel in explorer and no way to go back as it was.

Please, try to find a solution to turn my computer back to the state it was! (What I am doing now, is the nasty system recovery one hour BEFORE i upgraded the PDF Creator.

Windows 8.1

thank you.

Hi @wetabax
Kindly uninstall PDF Architect using it's installer from our website and then use the architect removal tool to remove any possible remains.

Let us know if that did the trick.

Btw. You'll need to select advanced installation to uncheck PDF Architect in PDFCreator Free, if I recall correctly.

hi, Florian. Removal Tool removes a lot of links but the preview pannel in explorer is unchangeable. That means, in pictures, if I change preview pannel size, the image size changes too. Not in PDF. In PDF preview, the size of preview pannel changes, but the PDF file has a fixed image. Very bad.

I totally agree. I'll see what I can do for you. In the meantime, kindly contact the PDF Architect Support Team, as well.
Feel free to include a link to this topic.

PDF Foxit Reader gave me support and what I get is:

PDF Preview is displayed as thumbnail size in preview pane of Windows Explorer


Foxit PhantomPDF/Foxit Reader has already been set as default PDF program. But PDF Preview in preview pane of Windows explorer is fixed size and small as a thumbnail. You can see what the preview looks like in the following figure.



1.In the Windows File Explorer , open the Folder Options , see whether the option Show preview handlers is checked or not. If it is unchecked, make sure to check it and click on Save button to apply the change.


2.Restart Windows File Explorer and try again.

after that, with a recent updated Foxit Reader version ( the mobile previsualization pannel works correctly again.

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