Auto-Detect Page Orientation


I print in PDF from SOLIDWORKS. And I am constantly confronted with the wrong orientation of printed sheets.
Many of my drawings have several pages of different orientations in one file. When printing, I can set in the SOLIDWORX print settings the orientation for each sheet and it works for all printers. Besides PDFKreator. As I understand it, PDFCreator automatically analyzes the text on the sheets and selects the orientation of the print based on the orientation of the text. How to cancel it? My text is indeed often vertically rotated, but this does not mean that I need to rotate the page. All other printers take the orientation settings from those specified in SOLIDWORKS, even the Microsoft PDF printer. I can not force the orientation of the document because it has pages with different orientations. And automatic orientation doesn't work as it should. What should I do?
Sincerely, Leonid

Please help with this question. Really needed!


you could try setting -dAutoRotatePages=/None as additional Ghostscript parameter in the PDFCreator hidden settings, otherwise I don't think there is a solution towards this issue through PDFCreator settings.

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Hi, Robin!
Thank you for your reply. I did what you said, but it did not help.


I am afraid there isn't much more you can do to avoid this issue with PDFCreator. Traditionally, printers only print portrait (even if the content is landscape, it comes out of the printer with the short side first).

So I am not sure what the setting for each sheet does in regard to the printer / driver or why the additional Ghostscript parameter isn't helping, as this should completely disable any automatic rotation.
You could try using the free PDF Architect printer which gets installed together with PDFCreator by default; this uses a different driver and conversion engine and usually handles mixed orientation a lot better. You need to register (only email required) for the free create module in order to use it.
Another option might be to print the sheets to PDFCreator individually and merging them afterwards.

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Although not! Previously, when I added horizontal text, the PDF orientation changed to landscape. Now this function is gone. A page is always printed in portrait orientation.
But this is not what you need!
Why PDFCreator can not take the settings from my Solidworks. I tried other printers, for example, Microsoft PDF Printer, PDF24. These printers are doing everything right. Why does PDFCreator have such strange problems?

Robin, unfortunately, PDF Architect does not install on my computer. Error code 35.

I tried to print the document one page at a time, forcibly exposing the orientation in the profile. Such documents are normal. But then, when you try to merge them into one document, the page orientation changes again (((
But if you add an option -dAutoRotatePages=/None, it is possible to get a normal result for a multi-line document. Looks like this is the only way.


since this is a rather complex issue we will need to have a more detailed look at it.
I just tested printing some mixed orientation pages with empty content from Word and the output keeps the orientation (while set to auto rotate) so there have to be some additional conditions and there might be something we can do on our end to improve the situation, but it won't be ready any time soon.

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Thank you for answering. I tested the Word, there is the same effect as in Solidworks.
I am attaching a file that illustrates this problem.
This is a landscape Word page on which there is a table with rotated text. The PDFCreator prints it as a portrait.
A similar situation takes place in Solidworks, as there are drawings in which there is a lot of rotated text.

Hello! I installed version 5.1.1 of the program and I see that the problem with page rotation has not been fixed((
Version 5.1.2 gives an error and does not print.
Also, during installation, Windows Defender finds threats in PUABundler:Win32/ICBundler and PUA:Win32/Puwaders.C!ml

Hi @LeonSW,

GhostScript analyses the data (text) and makes a decision on the page rotation.

Did you try to set (fix) the page orientation manually within PDFCreator for your used profile (see screenshot)?



This is how 'Portrait' orientation worked out fine from Word:

Hi @Sascha.H !
My documents are very often multi-page and contain sheets of different orientations.
Even if I print each sheet separately, setting the desired orientation to it, then later, when I merge the sheets, it turns them again.
I tried other printers, for example, Microsoft PDF Printer, PDF24. These printers are doing everything right. Why does PDFCreator have such strange problems?