Auto email fax from windows fax

I am using Windows fax to receive faxes on my computer. I want to set Windows fax to auto-print to PDF Creator, which will then email the PDF to me when I am not at the desktop. Windows fax is working properly and will auto-print to my desktop printer, however when I select the PDF Creator as the auto-print it simply does nothing. No entry in the debug log, no error message, and no print dialog, and nothing in the print queue.

If I open the fax and manually print to pdf, it is delivered to my email.

What step am I missing?

thanks for any help


does the path entered as auto-save location have the required permissions? 
You can also try turning the log level to trace. If it still stays empty, the print job never reaches the PDFCreator printer.

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What permissions should the auto-save location have?

The user running PDFCreator needs to have writing access to the auto-save folder.

Have you tried if the auto printing works if PDFCreator is already running? 

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