Auto-Saving to different user folders

Using the server version of PDF Creator, and users are "printing" to a PDF printer that will autosave their PDF files to a folder on a network server.

Is there a way (perhaps with a VBS script?) to automatically place the generated PDF file in a folder for a user? E.g. use the username that they are logged on as as the username?

Example: PDF Files are saved on \\\\server\\pdf. If a user with the name "joe.smith" is using PDF creator, and the filename is set to be , and he "prints" a file named "list.doc", can the system somehow be configured to save it as: \\\\server\\pdf\\joe.smith\\list.pdf - in other words, use a variable like %user_name% to save to a folder with that name.

It can also be a VBS type script, that picks up the file, and moved it to \\\\server\\pdf\\%user_name%\\ or something along those lines.

New user here of PDFCreator, maybe something like this already exists, and I just didn't see it. I am not a good VBS scripter, and it will probably take me a long time to figure it out.... so was hoping that someone already implemented a similar solution that I can adopt.

Thanks in advance,


 Have you found a solution to this? I am looking for a similar solution too.

 Not sure if this works completely but the token  may work in the Auto-save options to save to a user specific folder on the server.  I've only done this using the non-server install, I would think it would work for the server install as well.