Automatic email recipient

Is it possible to configure that a PDF always gets emailed to the same person

Ideally I want to disable the save facility (I dont want to save the PDF) and I always want to email it to the same person so dont want to have to keep completing the email recipient field.

Any advice appreciated



 I've got a script that I created in VBS to be used through the Actions menu that does this, but everytime I try to post it in the forums (tried three times for others) it goes to be moderated and then that never happens. (or it's being refused :-0 ) I'll try to post it here by breaking it up, but we'll see.

I have the same need...

I don't need to keep a copy of the PDF or rendered JPEG image locally, I simply need to e-mail it to a specific destination.

And I've been looking through the configuration settings to try to figure out how to specify a destination, and reading your e-mail I think I may have figured out why I can't find any setting like that -- sounds like PDFCreator is prompting the user for an e-mail address to have the e-mail sent to.

I'll keep looking through the forum archives, but if I'm inferring correctly, sounds like I may be looking for a setting that doesn't exist... :(

Well, I tried and got slammed into moderation again. It must be detecting the code and flagging it SO there it will stay. Actually, I'm a bit tired of trying to help other users of this software. There are others who have asked for similar and I experienced the same issues. PLUS I'm tired of hitting the SAVE button and then waiting for 2 minutes until I get a Service Unavailable message. Until PDFForge upgrades their server and/or moves to a more robust and effective Forums software, I'm out. Good luck guys.


HEY what do you know they actually posted the fisrt part of the script. Maybe I'll try one more time, for you guys. :-)