Automatic installation PDFCreator

I’m trying to create an automatic installation of PDFCreator for my company pc’s
I’ve run into some issues and looking for help
First I’ve created the response file and never selected any options to install PDFArchitect (never saw the option). But it still installs itself. Besides trying to uninstall it after the installation of PDFCreator, is there anything I can do to avoid it.
Second, I’m looking for a way to remove the welcome window, do you have any clues?
I’m trying to install the version 2.4.1


PDF Architect is listed as component during the setup, if you deselect it you will get an additional screen pointing out its benefits and asking you if you really don’t want to install it. After delecting it on both screens the response file should get generated properly. You can’t remove the welcome screen in the free version, this requires PDFCreator Business.

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