Automatic Paper Size Selection

I am using the server version of PDFCreator.  We are printing engineering drawings which vary in size -- B size (11X17), D size (22X34), and E size (34X44).  We have set the Paper Size to ANSI E to accomodate all sizes.  When a drawing is plotted, the size of the drawing is correct, but it is always printed to E size paper. 

Is there an option to have PDFCreator automatically adjust the paper size to match the extents of the printed drawing?   In the physical world, HP plotters have a "Resizing" option, where you can select "Actual Size" and the plotter orient the plot and cut the paper to match the extents of the plotted image.  Is there a feature in PDFCreator that matches this functionality?



there is no setting for this in PDFCreator I am afraid.