Automatic saving doesn't work unless Show progress is checked

If the show progress is unchecked and you try to autosave a pdf nothing happens until you open the PDFCreator dialog shortcut on the desktop then the pdf prints.

Yes, this is a bug in the multithreading code. This will be fixed in version 1.9.2 released today.

We have a similar problem with on W2K3 Server. The E-Mail button works only when the PDF Creator dialog was opened before. The PDF will be created, a Save-Dialog appears, but no Outlook window will be created. There are no hints in the procmon.log.

If W2K3 is not supported anymore, I can look in source by my self. I just need a hint where to find it.

On Windows 7 it works fine.

The problem most likely is a problem with the MAPI (Microsoft Messaging API) integration. This API is kind of weak, as we can launch the MAPI the calls to open the mail client, but do not receive proper feedback if this was successful. And in some cases, it unfortunately is not successful and there are only few ways to work around it, especially if it only sometimes occurs as on your system. We will most likely add other ways to open E-Mail clients that are less error-prone in the near future.