Automating printing of PDF with newest PDFcreator with Excel VBA


We're still working with PDFCreator version 1.6.2 on Windows 7, due to a migration to Windows 10 our solution in Excel VBA doesn't work anymore.

On Windows 7 following code worked

'PDF print
Dim oWSH3 As New WshShell
Dim IEview As Object
Dim oSH As WshNetwork 
Set oSH = New WshNetwork

oSH.SetDefaultPrinter "PDFCreator"

Set oSH = Nothing

Const sKey3 = "HKCU\Software\PDFCreator\Program\AutosaveDirectory"
oWSH3.RegWrite sKey3, "\\localserverpath\FolderA\" & variableNumber & "\detail\", "REG_SZ"

Set IEview = New InternetExplorerMedium
IEview.Navigate 'exampleweb'

Now on Windows 10 the code above still works, but it only fills in the right Path in AutosaveDirectory (Target Folder) for one time.

For instance the first time of the loop the AutoSave path is


the second time of the loop the AutSave path is still


As in Windows 7 with the same VBA code it would be


The print monitor needs to be open otherwise the printing wouldn't work (this is only happening in Windows 10)

Can this automatization be done with the newest version of PDFCreator?
Has anyone done this with VBA yet?



it should be easily possible to do all of this with the latest PDFCreator version.
Instead of modifying the registry values, it is much better to use the COM interface
Some VBA examples are installed together with PDFCreator and should help to get you going.

Best regards



Dear Robin,

thanks for the quick reply!

Is there anything I could change with my code to get it working on version 1.6.2? Also with the COM interface?

Kind regards,



yes it should be possible, but you will need to rely on the inbuilt manual and (if any) COM examples provided with your version. PDFCreator was completely rewritten after version 1.7.3, we no longer provide any support for it and all online COM documentation only applies for later versions.

Best regards